Current measures against COVID-19

The skiCHECK ski schools will do everything possible in the coming season to ensure the highest possible level of safety for their guests and staff. The top priority is always the health of all our valued guests and staff.

In order to protect the health of all of us, we must take the following measures and precautions. On the one hand, these are subject to official regulations and on the other hand to direct agreements with our most important local partners, the tourism associations, lift companies, the hotel industry and the sports trade. Of course we are also in constant contact with our medical advisors.

The safety measures are constantly updated and adapted to the respective situation.

In general, skiing is an outdoor sport and the risk of infection is much lower than indoors.
We will try to keep the protective distance everywhere in the best possible way and minimise points of personal contact.

In all indoor areas of the skiCHECK ski schools we ask our guests to wear a mouth and nose protection. We also ask our guests to regularly disinfect their hands when entering and leaving our premises. This also applies to our children’s restaurants. All sales outlets and reception areas are equipped with glass protection.

Mouth and nose protection must also be worn at all assembly points.

All our ski school offers can be booked online. We kindly ask our guests to make use of this facility. You can book your desired services from the comfort of your own homes and save yourself waiting time at our ski school offices.

In the entrance area of our sales offices guests are informed about our services and the current Covid-19 rules via digital information displays.

Our dual ski school programme with two staggered start times (09:30 and 10:00) will continue throughout the winter. The ski school can flexibly control the start times of individual ability groups according to the respective situation and announce them in advance.

The group size will be kept as small as possible. We will try to be as flexible as possible, especially during the busy holiday weeks, so that all our guests can participate in the ski courses. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to book online early.

Our guest ski races will continue to be held weekly without restriction. The start intervals will be extended slightly to avoid any congestion in the start and finish areas. All award ceremonies will be held outdoors in individual groups.

In order to avoid large crowds, we will expand our ski school meeting points. This will enable us to achieve an appropriate level of separation. This measure mainly affects our children’s meeting points and the meeting point for private lessons.

Our children’s animation takes place outdoors only and is also split into separate times. There will be no indoor animation.

The capacity in our children’s restaurants is reduced due to the necessary distance regulation. Of course, we will take the best possible care to ensure that the groups stay together during the meal and that there is no intermingling.

It should be taken as a matter of course that guests with symptoms of illness cannot take part in the ski school programme. We ask for your understanding in this point, only in this way can we all protect each other.

In order to quickly prevent the virus from spreading in the event of a ski course participant having a positive test for Covid-19, it is essential that all our guests provide us with the correct data (mobile phone number, accommodation, email).

When symptoms occur in ski course children, they will be immediately separated or isolated from the rest of the group. Parents must ensure that they can be reached at all times and must pick up their child as quickly as possible.

All courses booked online can be cancelled free of charge and without giving reasons up to 48 hours before the start of the course. This means that you can book your desired course in advance without hesitation and cancel at short notice at any time if you have health concerns.

For our ski school staff we give everything in terms of safety. In addition to correct instructions and rules of conduct, we ensure good accommodation and working conditions and carry out tests according to the system and in the event of the slightest cause for concern.

Covid-19 recommendations of the Austrian Ski School
Covid-19 Recommendation of the Austrian Ski Ropeways